Search engine entry:

Search engines, is the tool used by the vast majority of web users to find relevant content.

Being listed by the major search engines, will allow over 90% of Internet users to find your site.
Why do this?
Mainly for money. The more traffic you get to your site, the more advertising you can sell. Each time you call up a page of answers from a search engine, you are served up a banner ad as well.

We will tailor the elements of your website for search engine that we enter your enter to. This tailoring may involve creating new pages with changed content, key words, etc. using the latest information we can find, about the Search Algorithm used by the search engine we are entering to. This is because there are two types of Search engines.

The first are the directories which means are actually looked at by a person working for the listing company. The key human-powered search engines are all important to helping you achieve success in your search engine marketing efforts. This is because they make your site accessible to a wide-range of web users.

The second type is the fully automated search engine which, uses a computer to crawl or spider the site, and compile their listings. This means that, unlike directories, you are likely to have several if not many pages listed with them. This also means that by taking care in how we build your pages, you will rank well in crawler-produced results.

We will also tailor the doorway pages that contain subject matter concentrating on the main aspects of your company’s services. We will also create links from the doorway pages to pages held by other webmasters (with your content on them). This is to help with the rating of off the page content.